Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Minion's

Last week on a beautiful and warm Saturday morning my wife and I geared and rode downtown to the Magic Lantern Theater. This was the spot that all the fellow scooterers will join us, although more then just the minions joined us that day. This was one of many hopefully events that I or my wife would like to attend, hopefully leading to an invitation to join the group. My wife also would like to own a scooter (even though she wants a motorcycle more) so we can ride together and have even more fun.
Just like skittles every scooter has a different flavor... go ahead, lick one!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Breaking in the scooter

Well I'm happy to report that all is (still) running well. I just got back from a quick ride around Spokane. This time I went up north around Little Spokane River drive and tried to cross into greenbluff. I didn't feel like tackling some gravel roads they have where I was at so I turned around and took a different street on the way back home.

I'ts was windy today and going over 50 with a side wind was scary. I managed to take it up on hwy 2 with 50mph uphill. Last time I did that I could only get under 45 full throttle. So my scooter is breaking in nicely and I'm looking forward to changing the break-in gear and engine oil at 300miles... I'm now on 226miles.

On a further note I adjusted the idle from 3000rpm to 1700rpm according to my manual. However, I notice that I now have to give it more gas before the clutch engages. so a fellow Youtube subscriber (Scootergothtrash ) advised me to increase the rpm just below the clutch would engage the wheel... which is about 2600rpm I guess. Now I have quicker launches at stop lights instead of feeling like it's a 50cc.

Also this Saturday the 19th up at the Spokane house is the Minion's Spring Scooter Rally 2012. Now that I have a scooter I am excited of hanging out with them (and possible membership )when they go for their rides and meet-ups. My wife will be going too so she will get to see what all the fuss is about. I plan on taking some good pictures and video along the way so don't forget to subscribe, or you'll miss all the action.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My First Scooter

This is my 2012 Roketa 150cc Scooter.
This is me on my '12 Roketa Scooter MC-04Y 150cc. I chose this bike because of the size for my  height (6'2") and that it would generously seat 2 people. Fortunately for me I got a good color... Red. There are blue, black, red, and yellow to choose from and this is the only one they had. I got this scooter from Affordable Motorsports

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A new journey

Welcome to my third blog. I am sure that as time goes on I will have more thoughtful and creative views and exciting pictures and videos to share.

About me, I took a trip to Long beach Washington back in 1999 with my class in band to support our girls high school basketball team. It was an exciting and wonderful vacation during which we had spent a 2 days in Seattle, 2 days in Long beach, and 1 day in the Tri-city area. There was scooter rentals which piqued my interests. $350 deposit and $60 for 4hours later I was hooked... although it was just a 50cc it still got up to 40. Ever since then I've tried and failed to obtain one for one reason or another. As the making of this post I still don't have one...YET!