Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Still Waiting....

Still Waiting for my the man to pay up and give me my money... Finances have hit rock bottom as of lately and a scooter has shifted from a priority to a luxury... I'm more focused on other things in my life. If the money comes sooner rather than later then perhaps there might be enough months left to purchase a scooter and ride. I had high hopes to get a scooter and even convinced my lovely wife to get one herself. Something that would get us on the road and for cheap but after sending in my tax return 3 times already and being told "We never got it"... well I know they are lying but they just won't pay for some reason. I guess even certified mail with a return receipt makes no difference either. Anyway its just money and its not like I cant just go outside and pick it up from the money trees... oh wait they are all extinct... Well then I guess I'm at their mercy. If I don't get it this year come tax season next year I will have a solid down payment for a house... but for now I wait.

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