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50cc Class Scooter

So my first scooter was a brand new 2012 Roketa 150cc 4 stroke chinese piece of shit! It was fun while it lasted I just wished it would have lasted... the Bike started out really really cool. and ended on a bad note two years ago. Just the other day I had drove past the spot that it had finally died... a nice sweet flat spot next to a gate and a huge bolder outside someones property near Indian Trail. The Scooter lost all power and was slowly getting slower and slower and I couldn't make heads or tails of the reason why. First I though it was too much weight going up a hill with my wife on the back. I did stop and had someone take her up the hill. It drove just fine with me... I should have kept it that way I guess... But once we got to the top my wife hopped back on. We took off topping out at 60-65 mph (I don't much remember) then after a few winding roads and heading into a strait away thats when the bike lost power. full throttle I watched the bike slow to 40 than 30 than 15mph. The leader of the group had to turn around and was waiting for me waving his hands. I stopped at the boulder and the bike died and gave its final breath. two hours of trying to start the bike with monkeying with the fuel, the spark the air. even some starter fluid... NOTHING! finally I called my dad and got a truck to haul it away. Later we found that the rings had melted and that the engine may be shot. Roketa would honor the warranty as it has 3000mile 1 year warranty. but I would have to ship it to calafornia and pay the shipping and do all the labor myself.  The cost was too great. I sold the bike for $350 to a guy who has a bunch of chinese scooters. He loves to work on them and since it had less than 900 miles it was a steal.

So I got a new job working for APPLE. and now that I am on the verge of having my expenses under control come January I'll be saving for a new scooter... but which one. So the following I have three categories of scooters that I'm looking into... NOT CHINESE!!!

(50cc class)
Commuter scooter going from point A to B Cheap and to the point. Max speed 40MPH with a 1.2 or higher gas tank.

(125/150cc class)
Commuter scooter able to effectively take 2 people up to 55-60MPH Has fuel injection and if possible able to hold a full size helmet under the seat. Nothing but short distances on the freeway if needed but never on highways that are 70mph and with 2 people.

(Touring Scooter Class)
Long distance scooter with a minimum Gas tank of 3 gallons. Can travel on the highway. liquid cooled engine. long life expectancy and has a average MPG of 60! This will be my second bike but I'm still going to get one of each category.

2014 Genuine buddy roughhouse 2 stroke $1999

This is nothing to sneeze at. This bike has a lot of potential. When I happened on to the genuine scooter shop in Spokane Wa, I had the opportunity to ride the roughhouse on the busy streets of Division. This bike was a lot of fun. It sounds like my snowblower as do all two strokes without modification sound like. It was quick and nimble and the seat was squishy... I loved it. I would have purchased it at the time but again $$$ got in the way. My Lovely wife was all supported as she enjoyed the scooter too. I remember going from a dead stop to 30mph in less than 5 seconds. and then it claimed from there up to 40mph! really quick for a bike and a 230pound rider. I also learned that its also restricted too. and the company would derestrict it for me if I so chose free of charge. 

What I learned most about the bike is that it mixes the fuel and oil itself. just dump fuel in the rear and the oil under the seat and it will do the correct ratio when it is needed electronically. There is also an oil light so you won't forget to refill. Usually takes about 4-5 tanks before needed to be filled. With 100MPG+ and less then $2500 this scooter is on the top of my list for first pick. there is also a 3 year warranty and the store does all its work in house so thats perfect for me.

Only downside I know is that the gas cap needs to go strait on when screwing in. If not you will strip the tank and it will need to be replaced.

2015 Yamaha zuma 50f $2590

This is my #1 pick so far in a scooter. Its a 4 stroke fuel injected scooter that is rpm governed and can be heavily modified in the scooter community. I used to go to work and seeing this scooter downtown everyday. the owner had put 12,000 miles on his 2006 zuma and had only done lite maintenance, replace the tires, and oil and gas. That scooter is well put together and ever since Ive seen them I've really liked watching videos and reviews on youtube. They do make a 125cc version that is slightly longer and more power capable of reaching 50-60mph or more.

@ $2600  this scooter has been redesigned with fuel injections moving away from the loud 2 stroke engine. It has a reliable engine, plenty of mods and support for the community. There are competing Yamaha stores in the surrounding areas that offer the 125cc for the same price as the 50cc. If thats the case and I do chose to get the zuma I rather get the 125cc at that point.

2015 Honda ruckus $2649

This is the one scooter that by far has the highest amount of mods available. A 1.2 gallon tank and a strong liquid cooled engine makes this available to tune with out compromise. Its naked appearance is great for sticking bags or gear for groceries or a cool camping ride to the nearby parks here. My favorite video is a guy in the midst of a winter day, brushes off a foot or two of snow, starts up the bike without issue and takes off to the store to buy beer!

Honestly Japan has another version out called the Honda Zoomer X and its bigger than the ruckus and has a 50cc fuel injected engine. Its not available in the US as of yet. Realistically you can pick up a used bike for half the cost and never know that it wasn't the 2015 ruckus. Its style, engine and performance hasn't changed since 2008. 

What I don't like is the lack of instrument cluster. It has a speedometer with the mileage at the bottom. Thats it... then there are lights for the turn signal, fuel and temperature. So again this goes down the list of my first bike but if a good used one comes along I might have to get it.

2013 Aprilia 50r 2 stroke racing scooter $3299

Finally my favorite scooter in this class but not my number 1 pick. This bike is a 50cc Electronic Fuel injected 2 stroke! This is a bad ass scooter. and the fastest scooter you can buy thats 50cc! Click on this link and watch the video of the guy riding this scooter on a winding turn. He later shows the top speed, and average speed the bike had during that run.

Incidentally the bike had 158 miles and with no modification was able to get up to 53mph!  I also really like the instrument gages and the styling of this bike. There are a few mods like the exhaust and rollers that I could do to get better top speed and acceleration.

Now I'm a tall guy and this bike sits like a sports bike. the seat is stiff and there is little leg room. Although this for sure has enough storage in mutliple places for your gear and then some. Not a traditional scooter to say the least.

However... It is the most expensive in this class. I have seen older models for 2999 and below so thats something else to consider.

I'll put this as a maybe. 

So far I'll put the list as such.

#1 Yamaha Zuma 125cc
#2 Genuine Scooter Roughhouse 50cc
#3 Yamaha Zuma 50cc
#4 Honda Ruckus 50cc
#5 Aprilia 50R

For style I rather have the Aprilia 50R then any other scooters. For Dependability I rather have Honda. And for Ruggedness I rather have the yamaha. So for a good middle ground so far chose the yamaha but again its price, availability and if new models come out in 2015 that catches my eye.

I plan on getting a new scooter come the end of March 2015 with my tax return.

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