Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finally I rode today

After what seems like weeks on end of no riding I took to streets of Spokane and rode 40 some miles around the back woods. In fact It was a very invigorating a beautiful scenic drive. I call it the Indian Trail ride, as it's midway point is the Indian trail that is a favorite stop for hikers and wildlife onlookers. I should include this trip in the must haves. It's super winding and scenic, I saw a doe today crossing the road and it was no more then 10-15 feet and without a care in the world... I even honked as I went by. The road is slow but twisting and narrow in all sorts of directions something that would challenge any rider! It ends across the bridge of the little Spokane river and then on to the North side of Spokane (which is under construction). It was actually fun to ride today especially since I've waited so long to get out of the house.

Soon I shall have maps and record my trips with the minions and solo expeditions across Spokane and neighboring cities so subscribe to keep updated!


  1. How did the jacket work out for you out there?

    1. It worked great to keep my dry and warm on this cool 73 degree weather we are having. It's a little snug still but it will work for the rest of this year and I'll look forward to buying a new jacket next spring.