Friday, June 8, 2012

New Gear

This Is my new gear, The pant's and jacket are both from Xelements. The pants are lightweight 38x32 They only make pants that are 32" long :( However they are bigger so I can use them as over-pants.

The Jacket is a racing armor jacket. I really like the added shoulder padding on the outside it looks really cool. It's also armored with a Rubber back, shoulder, and elbow protection. The Jacket is an XL which is a little tight but it is adjustable with the side straps. It also has a Waterproof liner that is removable in the hot summer heat... if we ever get any.

After riding in the rain and getting soaked from shoulder to toes I looked online to find something suitable. There was plenty and in different colors but every jacket I liked was sold out! So Craigslist to the rescue as I found a seller that had his business fail recently and was practically giving them away. I got both Jacket and Pants for $110 which is a steal in my opinion.

The Pant's work great  and with a little customization I can affix the knee pads so they won't move around as much but they do fit almost perfectly at the bend. The bottoms of the pants are adjustable with velcro but the cold air rushes up because it's short about 2 inches. So I will have to strap them close somehow in the rain and cold riding. There is also air vents that can be open and closed by zippers in the front and back.

The Jacket like I said is a little tight. I have a 46-48" chest and a "gut" just under that. I do plan on loosing some wight this summer so I can expect this jacket to fit better soon. There are 2 pockets for your hands and an inside pocket located on the left side right next to the zipper for a wallet and cellphone. The liner can be removed and it too has pockets for your hands. I'm guessing if you don't want to be wearing something bulky but need a jacket when you stop you can just wear the liner.

From the reviews I've read this jacket is good up to 60F then you need a sweater and a scarf to keep the chill at bay. But it's excelent for hot weather riding and again it's waterproof (if you wear the liner) and very breathable.

I think when I get my next bike I'll buy a new jacket that's a little warmer.

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  1. Considering how ridiculously expensive gear can be at times, this was a great deal! I hope I can find some decent gear for a price like that. You look great honey, sexy, stylish, and safe!